The BetterSchmitt- combining the best of two worlds - electrifying mobility for the 21st Century

The BetterSchmitt – combining the best of two worlds – electrifying mobility for the 21st Century. The BetterSchmitt is designed to bring joy and passion – focused on efficiency –   to electric personal transport in a way that has never been done before. The iconic design of the BetterSchmitt has been updated with 21st Century technology. The power train is a highly advanced electric engine (15 kW up to 2x 25 kW). This provides the thrill of extreme efficiency, performance and dynamics. The main idea remains untouched. Why change an ingenious design? The long distance speed records set in the 1950‘s are still unmatched today.

The best of two worlds.

The new power train concept allows the combination of pure driving pleasure with the highest efficiency.

The BetterSchmitt prototype succeeded at the RAC-Future Car Challenge 2012 - the world’s most prestigious efficiency competition- in every class:  Best Overall, Best Electric Vehicle, Best-Sport-Prototype and winner of the audience award. Reasons enough to build it into an exclusive small-scale series now.

The handcrafted aluminium hull constitutes the base for the aeroplane layout of the vehicle displaying aerodynamics in pure form. The BetterSchmitts shape and lightness strengthen the feeling of flying over the roads. The ever available torque of an electric motor delivers more than enough power in any situation. It’s the right time for the BetterSchmitt and a view on this unique interaction of driving dynamics and extreme efficiency.

For all owners of the original Messerschmitt-Kabinenroller, Classic eCars offers an extraordinary offer: the new specially built subframe including the complete electrical powertrain can be adapted to the original car with just a few moves.

The unique construction follows the lightweight design concept of the BetterSchmitt and allows the merge into a functional and aesthetically appealing unit. But when needed, the original car can be restored in the wink of an eye! That’s two drive concepts in one vehicle!

The BetterSchmitt – configuration


The roadster features a small sporty windshield and no canopy. It is the puristic way of open driving. Enter it like a formula car by supporting yourself on the solid side panels.


The convertible has a classic fabric hood, which can be completely opened and serves as a rain- and weather-protection when needed. For entrance, swing the door to the side, like you would do with the original.


The bubblecar version features the legendary acrylic glass dome, providing breathtaking all-round vision and perfect weather protection. Enter by opening the swivel-mounted cockpit, like you would do with the original.



We are manufacturing the bodywork displaying different characters of cars: an open roadster, a convertible with fabric hood or as a bubblecar with the legendary acrylic glass dome. The streamlined body appears particularly puristic in untouched matt aluminium, but any desired paintwork colour is available.


As a chassis, you can select between the “KR200” - the three wheeled, notably efficient variant, and the four wheeled extremely powerful “Tiger”.


The drive concept is modular: the basic motorisation is an air-cooled e-motor with 15kW (peak). The next power stage is a 25kW (peak) liquid cooled e-motor. Both drives can be coupled as twin-drives, which especially suits the 4 wheeled “Tiger”.
Battery: The battery is fully integrated in the subframe, with a standard capacity of 6.2 kWh (drive range of 60–100miles/95–160km), which could be extended if required. The high-end lithium-polymer-cells used, in combination with the individual battery management system fulfil the highest requirements in comfort and safety. A mobile charging device allows charging both at every 16A rated household socket and at public charging stations.



The energy consumption during efficiency-orientated driving is below 4 kWh/100km which equals a converted consumption of less than 0.4 l petrol / 100km. An accelerated driving style rarely results in a consumption of more than 7kWh/100km with the basic motorization. This provides an average driving range of 60 to 100 miles (95 to 160 kilometers).



Aluminium body: The aluminium body is being built by the Radsatz-Werkstatt of Oliver Herbolzheimer – a renowned Messerschmitt-Expert – active as a traditional panel beater using wooden moulds.

Besides bare aluminium panels, which show the traces of the complex manufacturing process, premium-quality paints or polished surfaces are at choice to realise individual body designs. The chassis of the three-wheeler and the Tiger are orientated towards the original design but have been completely revised and modernised.  The brakes especially have been adapted to balance the higher engine power.

Electric drivetrain

We, Classic eCars are the manufacturer- we develop and build the powertrain units for the BetterSchmitt. By that, we are combining the best of two worlds: classical shapes and current e-drives. To ensure a perfect merge, we look back on 20 years of experience in development, construction and assembly. We are combining the manufacturing methods of a traditional handicraft business and develop and refine our drive and battery systems using up-to-date CAD and CAM methods.


Your personal BetterSchmitt

Every car is being manufactured by our team of specialists in Germany. We include you in the design process and coordinate your configuration regarding your personal needs and wishes directly with you.

This way, we built in a process of cooperative planning, production and inspection your very own personalised BetterSchmitt.

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